Thursday, July 22, 2010

12mo WBV

18 lbs 6oz, 29 3/4", 18 3/4" head circumference

right on track developmentally, doing beautifully. suspect silent reflux so trying zantac to see if that helps; if it doesn't we will try either a different dose or a different med, then refer to ped GI if need be (not expecting to). other than that, all good!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


11 1/2mos (almost) update
~ 8 teeth, 4 front top and bottom
~ crawls really fast!
~ cruises well
~ walks well holding onto hands, and does pretty well holding onto just one hand
~ is gettin SOO CLOSE to taking her first steps on her own!
~ says 'hey' 'mama' 'dada' 'mom' 'dad' 'nan' & 'ba' (??)
~ LOVES her "baby crack" aka veggie booty
~ loves her milkies more ;)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

more fun with hospitals

June 1st Kayleigh had some more issues. went to bed ok but woke up screaming multiple times in about 2 hrs. finally gave up on trying to get her back to sleep and brought her out to the other room and let her calm down - noticed she was not acting quite right. about 10mins after she calmed down we checked her heart rate - upper 160's - high. a few minutes later it had come down but the extra sound was there. at that point we noticed that her lips were really dusky/blueish. ems 101 - pink is good, BLUE IS BAD. called 911. also noticed her skin was clammy. the blue lips/clammy skin started to clear up by the time the ambo arrived but was not completely gone. ekg in the ambo was normal, hr was running about 140s. towards the end of transport (we went to HMC) she started getting agitated about the seatbelts and got fussy, during which time her HR would go high, up to 180, 190s, but would come right back down as soon as she calmed down. her oxygen levels were 98-100%, which is good. most of the symptoms had resolved by the time we got to hershey ER; they put us in a private waiting room. nearly 2 hrs later.....i found a nurse and asked if she was going to be seen anytime soon, or if since her symptoms had now all resolved (she had been sitting on the floor playing, giggling, laughing, crawling around, nursed, and fallen asleep) would we be better off just going home and following up with the pediatrician in the morning (since it was now close to midnight). this particular nurse checked with the charge nurse and said it would be another 30-45 mins before they would have a bed open. since all her symptoms had resolved, rather than sit there and wait for 5hrs for them to tell us they couldn't find anything go home and follow up with the ped, we decided to just go home, get some sleep, and call her ped. she slept fine, and as soon as the office opened this morning i called them.
got an appt with the dr who saw her last time (the one that sent her to the cardiologist) @ 1015. saw him and she was acting fine the whole time. everything checked out and since we have ruled out everything major that can cause the symptoms she was having (cardiac and respiratory) he said she has Autonomic Cyanosis - its kinda like when you are in the pool and the water is kinda cold and your lips get blue - basically the body shunts blood away from the lips (and sometimes fingers/toes) for whatever reason, and hers apparently is exaggerated. its not likely that there is a medical reason for it to be happening and she should outgrow it. if it continues, gets worse, or we notice other symptoms, then we do need to do some further testing (EEG to rule out seizures - rare possibility, silent acid reflux - more likely but still not probable as we have not noticed any other symptoms that are consistent).
so, for now, we just keep an eye on her. if we notice the blueish tint we are supposed to assess/etc, but don't need to take her to the hospital unless she is having trouble breathing, or etc. i'm also keeping track of what we notice when, to see if we can find any rhyme or reason.
eta - 17lbs 3.5oz @ped office ;)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

cardio appt

kayleigh did great. they did an echocardiogram (ultrasound of heart) - she barely fussed, and that was just at the end. also did an ekg, which they had to repeat, she did great both times.
the dr did not hear the extra sound, nor did they see any structural issues/problems on the echo. they did see one or two PVCs (premature ventricular contraction, or early contraction) sooo....they decided to do a 24hr holter monitor EKG test, which we finished today at lunchtime. we take the monitor back monday and it will take about 3wks to get results. they do not expect to find anything but with the PVCs and the fact that we have noticed her lips get somewhat dusky at times they wanted to see if they could capture anything. we do NOT have another appt scheduled and do not have to go back unless they find something on the 24hr EKG.

OH and she was 28" long, 7.7kg/~16lbs 15oz

Friday, April 30, 2010

cardiologist appt with dr chowdhury - pshmc pediatric cardiologist, office in lancaster - fri may 21st, late morning.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


mommy's taking over to update so no one is left out of the loop.....
@appt yesterday she got her 3rd HepB shot. her typical reaction to all vaccines is generally cranky/fussy/mild fever. yesterday she was more fussy/clingy than normal, and her fever was a little higher than usual after a shot; she was also lethargic - we dosed tylenol as normal, and just continued to keep an eye on her. around 700 went to put her to bed as normal; while she was falling asleep i laid my arm across her chest and noticed her heart rate seemed really fast. i checked it, twice, and got 200 and 204, respectively. as she was just about asleep i did not move her (since she was breathing fine, etc) but got chas to get his stethoscope and come listen to her heart to get a more accurate rate. he got 160 - better, but still a little high. after talking to the oncall dr we decided (on their advice) to just keep an eye on her, since fever can cause a spike in heartrate. after she fell asleep, it did go back down (130, 120) BUT while listening i heard an extra sound that had not been there before. chas also listened and heard it. just after that her heartrate went back up, and she woke up screaming a scream we have never heard before. at this point we put her in the car and took her to the ER.
her fever broke as we were walking in the door, which was not a bad thing per se but was not good, since they basically blew us off from that point on. we sat in the waiting room for 1/2hr, before being taken back to Fast Care. It took the dr another 20mins+ to come in and see us - i had time to nurse fully (and did so). when the dr did finally come in she did a half-hearted exam, barely listened to her chest (moved her stethoscope 6 times in 15 seconds), putzed around, said she's fine go home. not a word about the extra sound, or anything - only yelling at us for listening, saying 'its not your job to listen' and 'you aren't allowed to do that'.
so we brought her home, and continued to monitor her here - her fever stayed down, so did her heartrate, but i heard the extra sound again, so i called the on-call dr back, and asked what to watch for. she said a fever can sometimes cause a heart murmur, which may be what you are hearing, but it should go away since the fever is gone. cool, not a problem, just watching/monitor overnight etc.
this morning, however, when i woke up and listened, i still heard the extra sound, and she had no fever. i called the dr and left a message for them, they called me back and after i explained to the nurse everything that happened, she said bring her in. took her in, the dr heard it right away, said otherwise she looks great, her heartrate is nice and even, not high, not low, her color is good, shes not quite acting back to normal yet (is clingy and fussy) but since she did just have a fever that can be normal. he said its not a heart murmur. most likely it is physiologic split S2, which is not an issue, but to be on the safe side we are going to be seeing a pediatric cardiologist, to rule out any other issues, since this is new.
no clue which ped cardio, or when, i will update when we know more. so far though she seems to be doing okay.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

9 month update

16lbs 8 oz, 27 1/2" long. 6 teeth (4 top 2 bottom). army crawls very well, just starting to get up and real crawl, loves to get up and walk with assistance. also enjoys going to the barn to see the horse, and cats. says mama dada ayay, claps yay, and starting to wave. loves to eat whatever anybody else is eating. signs milk(nurse), daddy, and working on more, also recognizes mommy, all done, eat, drink, diaper change, potty, please, thank you. loves to use the big-girl potty whenever mommy remembers to take her.
most recent pics are easter

any questions??